El Salvador: Ecotourism at Barra de Santiago

ESA1Barra de Santiago is a beach town surrounded by the ocean and an estuary, the best of both worlds! The estuary is suitable for swimming, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, as well, you will beable to access the sea at high tide, through the mouth of El Zapote.

This paradise is located inside a unique ecosystem, with an extension of almost 2000 hectares of different mangroves’ species, that makes it a perfect place to find wildlife, mammals and reptiles, and a large number of native and migratory birds.



An Eco Resort to stay

The surroundings of La Cocotera Resort & Ecolodge are private and quite away from the crowd, making this the perfect place to rest, practice yoga and meditation or just admire the beauty of the nature that surrounds it. La Cocotera strives for the preservation of the ecosystems that surround the hotel, by actively developing sustainable solutions that minimize the impact to the environment, by using products that are eco-friendly 

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