UPDATE: As of July 27th, 2020

Costa Rica has announced reopening effective August 1st for tourists from European Union, United Kingdom and Canada. 

Ever since I left Nicaragua for the first time, five years ago, I daydreamed of going back over and over. As time passed and after the country recent events, curiosity grew as trying to find out whether things had changed from last time, one thing was sure and that was Nicaragua’s magic remained untouched.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have been to the land of lakes, you’ll still find yourself amazed one way or another, either from hiking a new volcano, watching a stunning sunset, or getting caught up in conversations with locals and learning to use new words like “tuani”.

No words nor even pictures compare to the living experiences however, I will try my best on the next lines to sum up my travel and make you feel as welcomed as I was.


Try to imagine what Christopher Columbus first saw when he reached the America's coasts and Osa Peninsula is probably the closest you’ll ever get. Oceanside jungle so dense and diverse that it houses 3% of the entire planet’s biodiversity.

Put your expedition gear on and enjoy one of the world’s most stunning tropical regions. Navigate across lush mangroves that slowly open up to the ocean and give you and idea of the vastness of the Pacifc. Reach the remote and mysterious turquoise waters of Isla del Caño for some of the best diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica. Don’t leave without hiking through the unbelievably dense jungle of Corcovado in search for some of the most magical species of plants and animals. 


What to do while in Osa Peninsula? 


Pin1Corcovado tour - Sirena Station: The Sirena Ranger Station is located in the deep, biologically intense center of Corcovado National Park. It takes about an hour and half to reach it by boat from Drake Bay. 

Hiking around this area gives you a sense of the power and beauty of what the tropics are capable of when allowed to grow with barely any human intervention. This place is the real deal and an absolute must if you ask us!

Pin1Caño Island diving and snorkeling adventure: Hop on a boat and follow the horizon until you reach this small island in the middle of nowhere.  Believed to be sacred burial grounds for our ancestors, this beautiful and lush spot is considered one of the best diving and snorkeling areas in the world.  A real adventure for anyone feeling the need to explore the deep, wild tropics, you will have the chance to see some critically endangered wildlife including humpback whales (while on season), rough-toothed and spotted dolphins and Bryde’s whales.

 Also, you might interest to check out our featured itinerary:  4 Days in Corcovado Rainforest

Belize: The Unexplored Toledo District

BEL2The Toledo district is filled with rich, dense forest containing lots of hidden treasures. Here you can find an exotic taste of Belizean Garifuna and Maya Cultures, giving to its visitors the opportunity to experience culturally immersed programs. Punta Gorda town is known to be the gateway of the Toledo district as it is surrounded with abundant visitor attractions.  Punta Gorda has a unique location allowing for both coastal and inland activities such as caving, fishing and visiting picture perfectislands located on the worlds’ second longest unbroken barrier reef.

 Stay in Copal Tree Lodge

Experience comfort and luxury in a jungle setting on the banks of the Rio Grande river at Copal Tree. Wake up to the soothing sound of birds singing and enjoy the breath-taking views of the river, the rainforest and the Caribbean Sea over the horizon. The lodge offers its guest many onsite activities from culinary classes, self-guided trails on the property to canoeing and enjoying the peaceful nature and wildlife that call the banks of the river its home. Their attentive staff offer personalized service and attention to detail.


Panama: Be amazed by Mount totumas

c Mount Totumas 11 

Mount Totumas Cloud Forest is located in far Western Panama in the province of Chiriqui, bordering La Amistad National Park, which is home to an important array of terrestrial species. While you hike through Mount Totumas you will witness apex predators like the Jaguar and Puma along with 3 species of monkeys and some of the most sought- after charismatic bird species and the botanical wonders who call the cloud forest their home. 




Highest Eco Lodge in Panama

The resort is at 6300 feet (1900m) and offers the opportunity to unplug from the digital malaise an offer an island or refuge for guests looking to reconnect spiritually to the natural world. The resort is powered with renewable energy from a micro hydro power station. It also boasts a restaurant which provides meals but thanks to its food production Project guest can prepare their own meals with fresh organic products.

c Mount Totumas 15 c Mount Totumas 13 c Mount Totumas 9

Costa Rica: Discover Tenorio Volcano National Park



Located in northern Costa Rica, the Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the country's youngest in Costa Rica. This national park boasts stunning river views and plenty of opportunities for wildlife adventures. Tenorio National Park is considered one of Costa Rica's best kept secrets, as well as one of the best places for hikers who love to trek alongside the stunningly beautiful Rio Celeste. The river, is an amazing shade of blue because of the sulfur that is emitted by the volcanic activity in the park !





A dream lodging choice in the area: Sueño Celeste Lodge

This small and cute eco-lodge is built on 3 acres of partially reforested property with trails, where you can see small mammals and some of the 490 species of birds that inhabit in the area. Meaning ‘Sky Blue Dream’ in English, its owners do all they can to support the sustainability tourism at the area.

The hotel is located at area Bijagua /Upala, Tenorio and Miravalles that belong to the Water and Peace Biosphere Reserve, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in September 2007 and is now in the top 28 in the world for its efforts against the climate change. Definitely a place for nature lovers!

sueño sueño2 COS2

Nicaragua: A Visit to Ometepe Island



Ometepe Island is situated in Lake Nicaragua, one of the world’s largest fresh water lakes. The island is home of many pre-Columbian petroglyphs and two breathtaking volca

ure time at Ojo de Agua (a natural pool) or in Punta Jesús – Maria in order to witness breath taking sunsets.noes: Concepción and Maderas. Both have unique vegetation, climate and ecosystem. Ometepe is surrounded by nature, making possible diverse activities such as climbing, hiking, kayak or simply enjoying leis



Accommodation in Totoco Ecolodge

Comfort and natural luxury best define Totoco Ecolodge, located on the slopes of Maderas Volcano. Each cabin has its own private setting with a view of the lake and Concepción volcano. The main lodge has impressive views and offers bar and restaurant service with international and local specialties.

The property includes an infinity swimming pool, its own Organic Farm and has one of the island’s premier organic shade-grown coffee plantations.